every dog has his day

After the events of the past week, I am grateful that tough times do not last but the resilient (people) (dogs) do. For each difficult situation, there was a positive outcome that made the sum of them challenging but not overwhelming. One of my dogs, declining in health for several months, suffered a quick turn for the worse last Friday. I found a vet in a very early morning call, becoming available to euthanize Comet, humanely and with dignity, at home, on Saturday morning (due to his prior appointment’s cancellation). That same Friday, before Comet’s decline, I had planned to drive about 60 miles to treat a friend to lunch for his birthday. But my car developed a problem shortly into the drive; had it not occurred early, mechanical problems might have stranded me far from home. When the first available appointment my regular mechanic could give me was more than 2 weeks later than I needed, a highly-rated shop much nearer my home gave me an appointment this week. In the middle of the night on Saturday, my air conditioning system quit, just as the weather forecast for the next several days was excessive heat advisory. But reaching out a tech who had helped me last Spring, I was able to verify it was not something I could fix myself. I was able to make an appointment for diagnosis and repair tomorrow which also is encouraging.

While we can obsess over the difficulties we face, I find peace in faith that God guides our way. Were it not for many challenging circumstances that brought me to San Diego 26 years ago, I would not have the family I enjoy today. It only takes the joyous twinkle in granddaughter’s toddler eyes when she sees her Pop-Pop, or her voracious appetite for yogurt while sitting on his lap, to make everything better instantly. So too, the calm assurance our grandson has requesting Pop-Pop help him with his Thomas train set. Of course, Pop-Pop will help you.

I can truly be thankful that every dog(man) has his day.


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