old dogs and folk remedies

In my childhood I found some old medicinal bottles in New England. One, a “Dr. True’s Elixir”, had been around since the 1850s, promising a cure-all. I learned later that many of these were mostly alcohol, which might have explained their popularity. More than thirty years ago, my late mother, avid horsewoman and animal rescuer, told me the amazing properties of glucosamine, which her farrier assured was good for people with a little arthritis pain, as it was for aiding old horses. Glucosamin was mocked by physicians who would rather prescribe cortisone shots and pain medicine. It inspired a whole industry that moved from folk remedy / hippie storefronts to mainstream supermarkets and mega-retail.

Several months ago my vet prescribed Gabapentin for Comet’s now more frequent joint pain. While I purchased some canine-formulated calming chews (CBD and hemp), last year to aid Dexter’s emotional distress over fireworks, it was a dog expo at the city park that featured other health benefits of CBD and other cure-alls. I remembered Glucosamin this week on my COSTCO shopping trip, a flavored liquid. It may taste pretty good as both dogs ate breakfast with a spoonful of the glucosamine, a couple spoonfuls of canned tuna, and their protein dog chow.

I will have to remember to give Glucosamin to them for several months before I see improvement all the websites say. I have a Google Calendar so I haven’t had to keep a lot in mind. I just have to remember to put these on the calendar. Another of my late mother’s favorite curatives, the memory-improving benefits of fish oil capsules, might be first on my daily elixirs.



  1. As a human I can swear by glucosamine. Have been taking it for years. If I ever have to stop taking it (for medical procedures as one example as why I would stop) I can tell the difference in my joints immediately the next day. It did take about 2 months when initially taking it to see/notice the difference.

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