the Odd Couple

A television show from my youth featured two bachelors living together in an apartment. One was fastidiously neat and somewhat obsessive-compulsive, Felix, played by Tony Randall. The other roommate, Oscar, played by Jack Klugman, was a slob. The comedy centered around their interactions. It is the comedy that I see played out every day between Comet and Dexter. Each have their own peculiar traits whether it concerns dog biscuits, or which dog sleeps where, and even entering or leaving a room. At times, we hear the two complaining, requiring one of us to “help” one pass by the other “blocking” the narrow hallway or doorway. At other times, Dexter has a problem “remembering” how to get through the doggie door to the backyard.

Sometimes Comet is exasperated by Dexter stealing his dog biscuits. (He prefers to hold them on his dog cushion and not eat them right away.) But Comet seems to relish holidays like the Fourth of July and New Years when a random neighbor sets off fireworks. While Comet is unfazed by random loud noises, Dexter has for the last dozen years quivered like Jello, and will not be comforted as he seeks a hiding spot in a closet or in the bathtub. We spent hours comforting him each time until we found a little helper in the form of prescription and OTC treats – calming chews.

For the next couple of days, I must make a point to give Dexter tranquilizing CBD chews early in the evening, an hour or two before dark. And particularly before we go out to see friends on the Fourth. Still, we have arranged to be home early to tend to the dogs. Living with the Odd Couple is less a sitcom and more of my-Reality TV these days.


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