baking is a spiritual discipline

You do not have to be a spiritually centered person to recognize that the world seems to be going to hell. However, as a person claiming to be spiritually centered, I find that I can only model behavior and thinking to one person or small group of like-minded people, at a time. I walk my dogs and talk with my neighbors. I interact with small groups of people in the course of my business. I enjoy the time spent with my spouse, children and grandchildren. And find opportunities to have friends over for lunch or dinner, or simply for conversation.

Finding that I enjoy barbecuing, or cooking or baking, it nonetheless takes dedication and the willingness to learn from mistakes and to realize that something made well today, may yet turn out badly tomorrow. Knowing the ingredients, flavorings and spices and how they work together or separately is a key to truly enjoying the end result. But it takes time and lots of practice to develop that consciousness. Learning from different practitioners and different sources – as long as they have the same spiritual (or culinary) discipline will broaden one’s understanding. I can appreciate others with different views and others for whom, baking or cooking is uninteresting and untried. I do not proselytize those to my way. I do hope that others will find their spiritual center. And should some approach me to learn the recipe for my sense of contentment, I will willingly share that bit of wisdom from Julia Child.

“Once you have mastered a technique, you barely have to look at a recipe again.”

Julia Child

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