letting skeletons out of the closet

 “I really tasted something swell, that’s right. And, for a moment, why, I even touched the sky and at least I left some stories they can tell.” — Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas, movie, story by Tim Burton (1993)

Sometime after October 1st, a few of our neighbors started decorating their yards – and who might blame them after last year’s COVID made Halloween seem to emerge and run for 18 months. But this year has had more blessings than witches’ curses, and we can have a bit of fun now. With our front yard renovated, I spent a day or two planning how to secure and display our holiday yard decorations. A couple of inflatables, Frankenstein and a Mummy, are now ready to greet any Trick or Treat-ers who venture around the neighborhood tonight. And we can sit out on our new patio to welcome them. It will be a full day. After church today, its an open invitation for neighbors and friends to the parking lot for an after-church taco truck, games and of course, candy for the kids.

Watching my spouse and adult children prepare for Halloween entertaining has been awesome. We are really not into horror movies anymore like Nightmare on Elm Street, the Halloween / Michael Meyers classics, or The Shining as we indulged in 30 or more years ago. But one movie has been inspiration for us – mostly for my wife Sheri – for a “Trunk or Treat” (decorating one’s car and dishing out Halloween candy). Amazon deliveries last week brought Nightmare before Christmas characters, including Oogie Boogie man, and Jack Skelllington. We watched that movie a couple times in a row to get into the theme for our “Trunk or Treat” entry. A trip to craft store become a spooky Christmas wreath featured in the flick. A son brought over four complete faux skeletons, and he hand-made props -poison bottles – for our festival entry.

I might not have brought my furry pals to church today, but there are at least 2 Zero’s and 2 entries with the Nightmare theme. As for creatures making appearances today, my dog’s are comfortable at home. Dexter was not spooked by skeletons in various chairs in the living room nor hanging in the entryway closet, – until I dressed one of them in a shirt and ballcap. Comet, for his part, took everything in stride. Nothing spooks that old fella but being left outside.


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