Rainy day training

Saturday was going to be a busy day of outside chores; next weekend we have a crew starting concrete and hardscape work and I want to save some unique plants and save some money in the prep work. I got about two hours of stacking bricks and “stuff” done, two plants repotted, and two dogs walked before Gramma brought our 3 year old grandson over from the kids’ house.

He is the best excuse to quit working in the humid, on again,off again drizzle. And for the next 4 hours, we played games with purple sand, and matchbox cars. He told me where I could sit next to him, and gave me my mission for the day. Setting up a Thomas the train set was our playtime last weekend; this time I showed him how to make tunnels using leggo blocks that the train ran through. The train ran over, under, and through the whole time. While we ate snacks, we marveled at our ingenuity.

Time went by in a blur. There’s nothing Pop-pop will not do for my little grandson; I just need a little nap. There’s still a dinner with friends tonight. Retirement is not the boring, idle life I envisioned!


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