how to save on pet prescriptions

Comet has allergies. A week after his 30-day supply of APOQUEL pills was expended, he’s got nasal drip again, and is licking his paws and the floor, again. Poor bugger! Since you may find most anything in generic form these days, I thought it possible. But there is always the patent that BIG PHARMA ( and in this case, FURRY PHARMA) has on certain effective meds. I did not find a generic alternative to the medication the vet prescribed – and filled on site. Since I stopped using that vet clinic (I blogged about that earlier), I need to get Comet in to be seen by the new vet – for an Rx – and that will be a minimum of three weeks advance scheduling. Maybe I can get the existing prescription from the former vet sent to the other vet? Or perhaps they will give me something to take to a pet-specializing pharmacy?

I am sure I can order prescription medications from other places than the veterinary clinic. I have used online sites to order dog food. Could I order medications the same way? However, looking at CHEWY.COM and 1800PETMEDS.COM is not much better for pricing that what I paid the vet. At $69 to $73 dollars for a 30-day supply, that’s budget-annoying. (It would likely be budget-crimping for some retirees!) After talking with a dog-person and retired Marine the other day, I started thinking about a trip to a little Mexican border town -medical and pharmaceutical tourism thrives – and according to several I know, pretty awesome work. It might save me some dinero. But that may not extend to pet medicines. I may check around; the Internet suggests that certain medications may not be all that cheaper outside the USA

I thought to browse COSTCO where I have a membership And it looks promising. As pets do not have medical insurance, they are ELIGIBLE for COSTCO’s prescription savings program – by their own admission on – and both the medications I would like to give Comet or Dexter – are listed. I am going to find out price and how to enroll my furry family members. If I can save a few dollars – and get some in return as member end-of-year cash, the better.

Just thought others might be as interested.


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