holiday dread: fireworks and dog anxiety

The Fourth of July Independence holiday is well-enjoyed in the United States, with barbecues, trips to the beach, and fireworks. While humans revel at night with fireworks shows, there are many dog-people, in any given neighborhood across the country, who dread this time, for their anxiety-prone pets. Just as some people are disturbed by certain noises while others are accustomed to them in their environment, my dogs exhibit both of these extremes. Dexter, like my old Aussie, Sydney, panics at the sound of a firecracker (or the random gunshot, I suppose), for hours after just one incident. Comet, on the other paw, being a former street-dog seems unmoved. He’s got his security in air conditioning and dog treats. Noise does not faze him.

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This year, I was going to give Dexter some Benadryl, or get some medication from the vet when I got his rabies booster shot. The clinic receptionist nixed that plan; rude employees lose their employer business. Then I heard about “calming” pills for dogs. Pot for dogs? CBD oil? Natural relaxation methods are the “in” thing for beast and for Man. But where does one go to get such for your animal? Petco? I bought a medium-sized bottle of hemp chews. (How times have changed. In the late 70s, my high school stoners would blow smoke in the face of a cat or dog. Stoned teenagers. Stoned cats.) Now we have cannabis distilled into OTC medication.

I probably should do a test to see if it works on Dexter; I can visit the local state-approved “edibles” vendor across the freeway for something stronger. That should make fireworks “groovy”.


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