Father’s Day

Dads, dog-dads, Gran-dads, and Step-Up-Dads, this is your day as being appreciated!

From the first-timers, welcoming a drooling, crawling, and burbling little one into your arms (I guess it could also be applied to babies as to puppies), to the post-middle age dog-man, a dozen years on, appreciating the energy of his perennial five-year old, still anxious to go for walks with him.

At our church service today, it was heartfelt to see all the dads being celebrated. Kids I remember being small children, not high school graduates(!), honoring her dad, and in the sermon considering how wonderful it is to have a Heavenly Dad who cares for us. Here on earth though, having one son text, “Love you Pops”, and send you a little gift on your special day – and it be utensils to use for my baking hobby – is so encouraging.

While we could go out to eat, as we did for Mom, on our day, we love to grill and have our family to spend time with us. With three sons, a daughter (in-law), a grandson, and a grand-daughter (this Fall), it means so much to this Step-Up dad to have them close by.

A Father’s Day poem, by Sheri Saretsky

To all the fathers here today, 
whether seasoned or brand new
The day has come to recognize
what those kids have put you through!
And while the mothers get a restaurant trip
On their holiday in May
You’ll most likely be at a barbeque
Cooking…on your special day
But that doesn’t minimize how much
You’ve given of your heart
To help these kiddos grow up strong
And get a better start
From the first diaper that you ever changed
Or that first sleepless night
To becoming an experienced father yourself
Who could share some great insight
For the times you pretended to pour fake tea
when your daughter was only two
when you really wanted to watch the game
but this was more important, you knew 
For every baseball, football, or softball game
You made sure to attend
And every band performance or dance recital
That took the full weekend
The games you coached, the balls you threw
The lessons that you taught
Even when you didn’t think they listened
When it seemed you only fought
To keep them going on the right path
When they went off on their own
Your voice was still inside their head
Whenever they felt alone
For the nights you kneeled beside their beds
And held their hands so tight
Praying that they’d grow up strong
And always be all right
For the times you gave up dreams you had
To focus on their needs
Realize every sacrifice
Was planting important seeds
That made them feel your love and care
Knowing Dad was in their court
Even when they wandered off the path
And sometimes came up short 
And to those fathers that took 
Kids in, that never shared their DNA
You deserve a special place of honor
On this  and every Fathers Day
For those fathers who went on ahead 
and now watch from above
I know they’re still in our hearts, 
and we still feel their love
So for every wrinkle, ache, and pain
That those kids have left behind
know it all comes back to you
and always bear in mind
that they will come back to thank you
when their time to parent comes around
and suddenly all those things they railed against
will begin to sound….profound!

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