the Dude-ster

In recent weeks I have taken up calling Comet the “Dude”. If you have ever seen the 1998 comedy starring Jeff Bridges, the Dude is this odd character, whose life seems to be totally absent of ambition, or purpose, or living according to anyone’s expectations. His life’s purpose seems summed up in the motto, “the Dude abides”.

Though none of the films odd antagonists or misadventures that befall Lebowski, have occurred to my greyhound-shepherd mix adoptee, Comet, he seems to have that same mantra. He abides. Comet takes life as it comes. Other than his singular focus on regular meals and biscuits, he doesn’t bother over fireworks or popping noises in our neighborhood some summer nights. He enjoys attention but does not actively seek it. And the half-feral calico that comes by the house is appreciated as a kindred soul of sorts. (Dexter seems to regard her as “his attention”-stealer.)

Where Comet and the Dude do have some similarities, a rug seems to hold special memories for them both. In the film, a case of mistaken identity has resulted in the ruin of a rug that “really tied the room together”. The Dude goes off to find the other Lebowski to get justice and get his rug replaced. In real life, the years of dog biscuits, dust and dog hair left a permanent aroma in our living room rug. While I had the dogs out on a long walk in the park today, my wife had enough with that (!) and out of the house it went. The trash man will haul it away – though I am marveling at how she rolled it up and tossed it into the garage since it was a bit awkward and difficult for me to move single-handed. For now the living room’s white tile is appreciated by both of us. And “clean” – the lack of aroma – is nice.

Comet for a time seemed to miss the rug. “It really tied the room together.”


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