you cannot be in good hands with certain dog breeds

Other than corporate attorneys and insurance adjusters who discern the unintelligible, insurance policies are often only reviewed in depth by policyholders when a claim is “under review”. The other time is when the premium is increased substantially for the coming year. I seriously hate shopping for insurance and when a company seems easy to work with, I have remained a customer for decades.

It might have been like that for homeowners insurance until I was forced to shop around. After a reasonable claim being denied I decided to change insurers. It had been damaged stucco by one excessively wet Spring. The insurer called it “flood’ and said I had no coverage for it). I moved my homeowners policy to a company with a couple decades of clever advertising, as adding homeowners to my existing auto insurance offered to provide me a multi-policy discount. This month, March of 2021, I got a notice that my homeowners’ insurance was converting to a new policy and increasing its premium substantially for the coming year. Trying to see where the rates had increased substantially, I noted home improvements had been overlooked when I first became this company’s customer. On the phone with the agent, he suggested I might get a better rate if the policy was shopped to other companies.

While I was not overly shocked that insurance companies, as an industry, were passing on to customers the cost of claims they paid to their insured who had suffered from wildfires in California, I was shocked that during the interview process, the agent said several companies refused to issue policies to some dog-people. Canines like German Shepherds, Dobermans, Huskies, and ten or so other breeds (or mixed-breed) were excluded. Pitties are also on that list. I shall look into a company I read has a philosophy regarding dogs and dog- people clients that consider ” the biter not the breed”.



    1. “Home insurance” was once stone walls, a parapet, and a moat surrounding you. Today, the same would be subject to restrictive county ordinances, railings, safety chains and nets, and, for the moat, warning signs and a fence around it – to protect the INTRUDER. LOL

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  1. Great Danes are on many lists, too. Walter doesn’t take umbrage, though. At 160 lbs, he’d tear you into bite-sized pieces if he thought you were going to hurt me. So I get it. But you can buy insurance for the dogs separately or an umbrella policy that will cover the boys and many other things in addition. Even so, it’s frustrating as heck to see others who have much greater risk be covered with no additional charges.

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    1. I look at Dexter and Comet, realizing that I should get insurance to protect THEM from unpredictable people. We had our neighbor’s parents walk into our house through the garage, and Dexter barked “hello” and proceeded to request a scratch. Comet was just confused. It’s okay as we are on good terms with most of our neighbors. But jeez!

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