The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, via brainyquote

Weather always had some predictability in it. As a Sailor at sea, we could look to the horizon, the clouds, winds and the sea state and presume the weather that would be upon us in a few hours. Along the Eastern seaboard of North America it was so predictable that a publication started by Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, was more often accurate about the coming seasons, as not.

I started to grumble today that we are having a few days of cold rain, where in Southern California, winter sunshine and mild temperatures have been the rule for ages. But the fruit trees and roses are as confused as I am. Last week the temperature in my community just east of San Diego, California, reached 91 F (32.7 C). Today, a few days later, it hovers around 55F (12.7C). And the it is raining.

The weather, rain or sunshine, does not make one activity in my life any less consistent. Walking the dogs. They expect to be walked, whether I am feeling “under the weather”, or doing something like this blogging. The have given me a “rain check” the last couple hours. I have no excuse to delay any longer.

time for a walk


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