Hair of the Dog, and other stories

This where I feature today’s GUEST Blogger.

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

In the tried and true SHAMELESS BEGGING fashion as mentored by EVERYONE HAS THE BEST TITLES ,   I am asking for submissions to be a guest on my blog!

  • pet stories
  • funny stories
  • unbelievable images
  • funny videos
  • observations as a dog-person

Add a few details about you,  how you got started and what your blog is about.

Disclaimer: I will post it exactly as written

I only ask:

  1.  no politics, unless it has to do with pet-related legislation.
  2.  it has to be your original work, and not subject to copyright infringement
  3. I generally will not post marketing content,  nor what I deem inappropriate.

Send me a link to your post here

I will publish Guest Posts in the order received on days ending in “Y”.

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  1. What a great idea! Haha, I am fresh out of pet stories (i.e. my brain power), but just remembered today that I used to have little African dwarf frogs. I had forgotten all about those guys.

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