soapy optimism

Comedy is acting out optimism.

Robin Williams

One of my wife’s most admirable qualities is to note some of the dumb things she witnesses me do, without comment or visible reaction of any sort. I am grateful that she has been married to me long enough she notes the heart, and not the execution, behind the action. The other morning was one of those times. With our two dogs spending most of the time going in and out of the house, hair and dust are always present even with daily vacuuming. Hair and dust are two things that folks who do not have dogs miss. While I note it more when I visit other dog-people’s homes, I have had dogs so long I am desensitized to doggie aroma. While both of my dogs get pretty pungent, it is Comet who gets “oily” and very “old dog” smelling after a couple weeks.

I imagined the groomers would be astounded that I had let Comet and Dexter get to such a dusty and unkempt state. But I tip well to avoid embarrassment. Recalling the lady groomer last time explain to me the quantity of matted hair and dust that she removed from Comet, I gave each of them a thorough pre-grooming yesterday, But then I thought to bathe them before going to the groomer. Similar thinking to someone cleaning the house before paying a cleaning crew to clean it. It was the rain all the previous day that germinated a dumb idea.

I thought I could knock out two things at the same time. Bathing and walking them. Guys might have been applauded for such resourcefulness had it not been for the unpredictable weather and choice of soap. Not finding the dog-shampoo, I found a near-empty bottle of Old Spice Body Wash in the garage bin. The rain became drizzle and then stopped altogether.

It was when I used a hose on the front porch after the walk, Sheri noted the suds and a blue-tinted splotch of soap on Dexter’s back when she brought a towel for them. I might have been overly optimistic. She opined that I rinse the Old Spice thoroughly.

Robin Williams may have been correct. But comedic timing was his genius. I know my spouse appreciated I decided not to quip the Old Spice commercial, “The (dog ) your man could smell like”!


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