Simple pleasures

With the playgrounds finally open again after months,  we introduced our grandson, Zander, to a youngster-sized jungle gym and slides For nearly an hour, he was enthralled directing  Mam-mam to help him clamber up one slide and then have Pop-pop’s handholds while sliding down the other. 

Two brothers,  perhaps three and four joined Zander, modeling for him some “pull-ups”, then using the stairs to climb back up after sliding down. After judging that they seemed to know how to do it, he followed their example.  Down the slide, and once Pop-pop caught him,  then up the three steps and slide down again.  Over and over. (There’s a perfectionist gene in our family.) As you might soon guess, I suggested we go get a snack.

Mom, donut!

It is a little ritual we started this year with our grandson. Playtime, usually an outdoor exercise, followed by a cookie or other treat. For playtime we have a couple of favored spots. While last week we went out to the beach, a local park, lately Santee Lakes, is nearby and has things to entertain him. At the lakes, we purchase a few dollar bags of duck food, and sit on the embankment. Watching him toss little handfuls, it is encouraging as he will dole out corn into Mam-mam and Pop-pop’s palm.

As far as I am concerned,  this is the best of times.

California dreamin’


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