Dogs of a feather

Lindo Lake, Lakeside, CA

Dexter, Comet and I have been enjoying the “cooler” weather (88F!) taking daily an afternoon stroll at Lindo Lake Park. I must confess it is less relaxing for me than others we pass with their dogs.

“Dexter, stop!” He strains to go faster, in short bursts from bush to light post to gopher hole.

“Dexter, come on!” An encyclopedia of smells is being thoroughly researched at each stop.

“Arrgh, Dexter!” I am frequently tangled by twisted leads, as Comet is pointing one direction – and Dexter has followed a scent in the direction we just came.

When I am out walking the dogs with my spouse, she will walk Comet while I have Dexter. Dexter is generally content to let my wife lead. On these sorts of walks, Comet, is a nonchalant follower. I am frequently bringing up the rear of our little procession, due to Dexter taking in smells every few feet.

Dexter does not generally act as enthusiastic for species other than dogs or people. Not for the outdoor cat which adopted us recently. If only he was that territorial toward strangers! At Lindo Lake, with omnipresent dog- walkers all mandated to keep their pets leashed, the resident ducks and geese are wary but have no real interest in the dogs. Yet Dexter strained repeatedly to approach the waterfowl. Comet was content to take his cues from me. Among ducks, geese and heron at the lake, some were watching Dexter closely. Though Dexter was oblivious, the gander, with heads held high, wings extended and a warning honk for their charges, several suggested he (Dexter) would do well to walk on by.

Walking on, behind the skatepark rink, a tiny pink-collar chihuahua ran up to see the boys. Both were very pleased to have the attention from such a tiny animal. Then, Comet barked at Dexter, perhaps embarrassed at Dexter’s fawning.

It was the large, tattooed guy who scooped the chihuahua up- when his calling the dog went unheeded – who gave me the chuckles. A small woman in a lawn chair observed her man, her dog and her skateboarding child in the park beyond. She nodded approvingly. What’s good for the goose…..?


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