small wonder

If you enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder.

Ray Bradbury

Today was my grandson’s second birthday. We invited his parents and the birthday boy to lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant in Old Town, San Diego. The little smile he beamed when he recognized the tree and the fountain by the same table from his earlier visit, was only brighter when the waiter set down the corn chips and salsa. Just as he did in his first visit, he tucked into the dish of salsa with a fistful of chips.

It was that little look and deft maneuver with one hand, nudging the salsa away from Gramma that set all of us to chuckling. “My bowl, Gramms”, he was obviously implying. As we all were savoring our respective plates, I got a few approving looks in my direction. I think the little man was noting that I had a bowl of salsa near me.


When Gramma got up from the table, Zander motioned that I should seat him in her now vacant chair. To be closer to the action.


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