Yucca me not

a soon-flowering hesperoyucca whipplei

The worldwide sheltering-in-place has me restlessly online more than usual. This is all part of research as a blogger. I posted a few images of a native yucca in the hills behind us, calling it an agave (!) but was corrected and quickly edited that post. For good measure, another followed from an online page describing the difference between agaves and yuccas, laughing that the information might make a great icebreaker at one of our future “Zoom” meetings. One not so subtle difference is that agaves all have “toothy”, fleshy leaves.

Besides investigating species of flora in this inland part of San Diego, there is bird-watching. The other morning, Comet and I wandered up the hill early and apparently irritated an osprey who was giving her juvenile offspring some flying lessons. We were soon down the hill again and headed home. Speaking of making the acquaintance of some local fauna, there is my friend in the U.K. making a pal of a beautiful backyard visitor (which he, the orange bird, now has an Instagram account). I don’t think that will be happening with this osprey.

Pandion haliaetus

Work is resuming – actual clients are needing (one of) my services again (hooray!). Housework never slows, pandemic or no, though now I have resumed a little Spring upkeep. Other responsibilities do not slow down due to a people-virus. Fruit trees and roses need tending, watering and fertilizing. With my neighbor’s encouragement, daily I have been plucking leaves off a few rose plants. More scented rose varieties are plagued with “black spot”, a rose fungus. I hope that hot weather now upon us, will make this problem go away. Imagine the time-consuming obsession that 50 or 500 roses must be for some of my rose society friends!

I live fulfilled with only eight bushes because there are so many other interests and needs. I determined my potted cacti to be an Argentine native demoza erythrocephali. As for needs, I should look to Dexter and Comet. Dexter, freshly returned from a little vacation with our son, has been eager to get back outside for exercise. Comet will go along though seems a little less enthusiastic about it.

As for me? I have stashed masks, gloves, and ordered online a bottle of disinfectant. We are ready for anything and can go anywhere the times permit. There are places to go, hills to climb, bushes to see, and birds to bother. Just another day in San Diego to chronicle.


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