the new abnormal

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Postage stamps. I am using postage stamps, greeting cards, and ball-point pens again! Are we are still in 2020? Science fiction shows I have been watching a lot lately have been all pretty obsessed with time travel. Astronomers talk about the effects of black holes on the fabric of space. I’m wondering if we all might have wandered too near a Black Hole and the scientists missed it?

Time Tunnel

In the middle of this “voluntary” lockdown to slow the spread of the pandemic, it is far quieter than it has been in decades. In my part of the world, it has been cooler and raining more frequently than it has in, at least, ten years. Does it feel to you as though our new reality is a combination of The Outer Limits, Doctor Who, and Survivor television? And speaking of the “good old days”, I watched an episode of the Twilight Zone, eight-year old episodes of the British Baking Show, and read an eighteen year old book on leadership in the past week. The funniest online video I saw recently, a young woman (in the present) visits herself in January 2020. “Pull all your money out of the stock market, now. Invest in Zoom conferencing”. And “what? Australian wildfires? Oh, yeah. No, the thing coming is waaaaay bigger than that!”

It is time for me to use Hermione’s watch (Harry Potter) to get back to (ab)normal. It’s almost the future where I walk the dog. Where is my mask?

everything is better after a walk


  1. I really enjoyed the premise of your blog “Time Travel”. I would have to agree with you. I read a book once about this topic and made me search more information on it. The Twilight Zone was one amazing show to watch.

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