H-air BnB

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

Our adult son, like so many of his peers, has been idled by the global pandemic. Like his parents and brothers, and extended family, he has been maintaining “social distancing”, but earlier in the week wanted to bring Dexter to hang out with him for a few days at his home about an hour’s drive away. Like most parents, for years we have looked after various childhood belongings, both of his and his siblings. Nine years is a long time to look after his dog. “His” dog? Like my neighbor and his wife who took custody of their pre-school grandchildren every few days BP (Before Pandemic), when the parents went to work – there is a joy in having something or someone around to spoil and lavish attention over. However, there is joy in getting back to quiet routine. This morning we drove up to San Clemente to pick up Dexter. He seemed a bit confused as to why his “parents” were also visiting. Over “social distanced” coffee, our son described Dexter’s acclimating to new surroundings (and our son’s roommate acclimating to a house guest). Dogs, like the occasional HAirbnb guest, sometimes make themselves just a little bit more comfortable with other’s surroundings than their hosts might wish. When guests depart, it is almost as welcome as when they arrive. Any parent, grandparent, or dog-sitter should agree.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

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  1. My parents split up for a while, shortly after their marriage. My grandparents had inherited their cat. I only ever knew him to belong to my grandparents. Still I am not sure whether cats pine, the same way dogs do. Our dog could not be left alone, as he got older. He had to be left with my Nan when mum was at work. Generally they adored one another but I do remember popping round to pick him up one day and finding him sulking about something. Chin on the arm of the sofa, opposite end to my nan. He had somehow sensed a visit to the vets one day and had run off around to my grandmother’s. He did not have a good relationship with the vet, who had somewhat sarcastically referred to him as “Happy”. As you may have guessed I generally love dogs. Our dog was always a family member. I wouldn’t have a dog under any other circumstances.

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