slobber therapy

Comet gains a friend

Dexter is teaching both Comet and me that energetic play keeps one young. Though his playmates are much younger, they all romp together without ceasing, get slobbered on, get dirty. Few think Dexter is about the same age as Comet – nine years. He goes all out for 30 minutes. It starts when they burst through the entry gate to greet other dogs. Actually, Dexter does the “bursting”. Comet is more reserved. Seeing now-familiar dogs, Comet’s tail begins to wag cautiously.

For me, I am grateful to have a park where dogs enjoy playing together – and dog-people banter reflects their furry charges good nature. What is it about dog-people that you can remember the dog’s name when you see them but also struggle with their person’s name? Is this a common failing?

As we depart we pass a group of “special needs” adults. One stops to greet Dexter and Comet. She continues onward with a big smile. Imagine what a month of coming to this park will accomplish. I do not think Comet will become an extrovert like Dexter, but I think he might actually learn to have fun. Socializing is therapeutic.

slobbered, dirty and tired

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