nursery rhymes made one tougher

In my day

Memes I have seen about the “good old days” feature children playing games that would outlawed in 2020. But I have observed that children who have participated in rough n’ tumble pastimes, like Jungle Gyms, Merry-Go-Rounds, Dodge ball or tag, seem to endure misfortunes that adulthood brings a little easier. I never thought about it much until a little incident this afternoon, at home, reminded me. “Had I only been a wee bit more nimble”, I thought.

Jack be nimble,

Jack be quick,

Jack jump over

The candlestick.

The shattering of glass in the bathroom was not intended. But the result was the same. I had “succeeded” in taking down an old shower door. Glass dust coating my pullover and a tub full of tempered glass bits were all that remained of the second of two sliders. The first had met the same fate perhaps ten years ago; my son called to let us know before he went off to basketball practice. That is a bloody adventure I will leave for another post. My fate? Only a few cuts and a full waste bin to carry out. I have to get back to my blogging.


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