The Politics of the Dog Park

An interesting read I found via Pocket, particularly as I listened earlier today to a broadcast of Armstrong and Getty on radio. One of their (A&G) stories on the global decline of sexual relations between men and women in the last ten years – I should find their podcast as it gave me the same “eh, whaa?” you may have just had – was partially supported by surveys of those becoming adults in the last decade. With many choosing to delay marriage, child-rearing, and such, their “children” in the interim, are dogs. It may be a sort of parent /proxy child practice.

Specifically relating the linked article, how do you give your “kids” exercise living in an urban environment? One answer is a dog park. But the land-use politics between homeowners, with their own animals, dog-walkers, and even those who use the park ‘across town’, irritating the “locals”, is becoming an issue.

Read more here.


  1. Interesting article – I read a book a few years ago about life in the dog park from an owners view which gave a glimpse of the divisions, but I visited that dusty dog park in LA that was mentioned a year ago and was stunned by the hundreds of dogs there with dog walkers. Didn’t seem like a safe situation and if I lived in the area, I wouldn’t take my dog there. There’s no way one person can supervise thirty dogs at a park. We do need solutions though – I’ve seen some neighborhoods require a membership to use a dog park but that opens up all new complications.

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    1. I kept encountering a gentleman at a nearby park I visited in 2018, who accused Comet and Dexter of being vicious(!) – his dog was not spayed – and made it impossible to take them there. I’ve driven miles away to a park frequented by dog people, but all must keep our pets leashed. And at other dog (off-leash) parks, we would encounter aggressive and sometimes ill dogs. When the dog park – the near one- completes a renovation and reopens, i may try again.


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