high time

Dexter and Comet are staked to a pole where an old flagpole once stood. It is a beautiful day, and I am not an irresponsible dog-man. Work is ongoing in our kitchen, and the paint remover my contractor is applying is giving everyone in the vicinity a little “high”. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of the Testors glue all the kids were using ‘back in the day’ to assemble plastic models. And to get ‘high’. Who needed to inhale whipped cream cans or do hard drugs when there was Testors around? Maybe it explained the popularity- and the sudden decline of the plastic model industry.

It is an hour later. I had to kick my contractor and me out of the house for a time. For his health, mine and the critters. Last thing I need is a stoned Comet drooling in the house. He does enough of that when he gets a good snort of something on our walk. As for Dexter, he might dig halfway to China after gophers if he gets a buzz. And me? The last time I got high on the job, was shipyard work 25 years ago when I was working with some toxic decking compound. After a couple days, I went to the hospital with exposure. The Navy wrote it down as the flu. But few after me were assigned that detail issued only painter’s coveralls and paper dust masks. The stories I could tell.

However, it’s time to get the dogs out for their afternoon walk. And to get high on the real thing. Some fresh(er) air.


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