cognito, ergo sum

“I think, therefore I am”.

Holidays at the end of the year is a great time to reflect on one’s blessings. In my experience as a dog-man, life during 2019 has been improved spending more of it with my furry pals, Dexter and Comet. I can admit that my fitness goals for this year have not been achieved to the extent I had wished, but overall emotional and physical stress from the work and commuting to my former employer has evaporated. I have more desire and the time to spend on other pursuits.

Sitting at the computer to blog has taken me all week to focus. With the holidays approaching, housework chores, and end of the year business needs, I think of Rene Descartes, a 17th Century philosopher, mathematician and deep thinker. I had read that he was responsible not only for Cartesian mathematics, but his intellectual pursuits, many say were responsible for stimulating modern medicine’s study of the mind and mental illness separate from the body and its diseases. I do not know the mechanics of it, but mental health is much improved by eliminating the source of stress. For some, we learn this and are fortunate earlier in life’; for others, it takes many years to create the ability to walk away from stressful commutes and working conditions. As my peers who have mentored me in the benefits of regular exercise and a healthier diet, I no longer joke as to “sometimes I sit and think. And sometimes, I just sit”. Descartes would consider this a learned man.

ego nunc quod sit cogitare,

nunc ego iustus sit

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