Happiness is a warm sleeping bag

Tent camping in Yosemite valley is best in the late Fall, when the crowds are fewer and the temperatures at night hover around 35F. Each time I have joined my friends on this annual adventure, we have new stories to tell upon our return.

Looking west from the heritage camp bridge

This year’s trip might have been a non-starter. Several October wildfires in different parts of the state have wreaked havoc. But we were surprised with a power blackout when we approached the Sierras east of Fresno. Better late than never, the utility’s response to prevent wind- downed power lines from further mayhem seems the new normal.

While manly men going camping do not need power, the option to get a warm shower is an appreciated perk. Food is another story. Buying groceries when the power is off for a few days, is not a problem of storage, but of availability. And then, at what cost?

My contribution to meals for five guys was to be our fourth day. Breakfast and dinner. At first it seemed, i was going to serve men vegetables and fruit. A pesky chipmunk was briefly eyed as my meat dish. But power was restored, and stocks replenished, a gourmand hunter- gatherer I yet will be. But my menu was rebuffed in favor of organic poultry sauteed with fresh garlic, onion, sesame seeds, and served over noodles. The salad was delicious anyway.

Now I just need to get past my desire to be by myself..


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