On the road again

new keys, gassed up, let’s go!

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. “it” happens to be a losing a car key. But not any key – the only key to my 13-year old Ford, my daily driver and dog-taxi. Of course, had my blog readers seen the fragment that passed as the Ford key for the last year, I would never have heard the end of their advice. (Or laughter). At least I have an understanding spouse. We decided that our other vehicle, the one we use for our business, driving co-workers, and picking up our grandchild would require my daily vacuuming (dog hair) and a baby seat pulled out and in. Getting a locksmith was less work.

An Internet search for replacement car keys told me that a lost key was not really a problem since the dealer could look up the VIN (Vehicle ID number) and make a new key from the manufacturer database. It’s not exactly that easy. The dealer database covers only the most recent 10 model years. My next stop was a locksmith. From that locksmith’s referral to a mobile locksmith, I found gold – actually I traded dollars for “know-how” gold.

It’s getting late. The little car, Dexter, Comet and I have places to go.


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