La Mesa,Cowles Mountain, hiking, dog walks, San Diego, outdoors
getting a little cardio workout on Cowles Mtn

For the life of me, I think the only folks who get bored being “retired” are single men. I have enough tasks to carry me along a long time. For example, yesterday’s routine has been fairly standard.

Dexter and Comet got a mile and a half walk along Mission Trails park at 7 AM. For me, it was a thrill to simply drive next to the freeway and see all the traffic I was not in, and would not be in, hopefully forever more. I held “sweepers” – vacuuming dog hair, taking out trash, cleaning up dishes, and sweeping the porch out. I had a plumber coming in the late morning. Then I did laundry, vacuumed up dog hair in the house, washed and put away the morning’s dishes.

And then, between getting a check to the bank, picking up some supplies at the hardware store, and then taking apart cabinet doors in the kitchen – cleaning, priming and painting – I have been “relaxing”.

I have a business venture that my wife has us working 3 and 4 days twice a month. After a walk, Comet and Dexter follow me from room to room, between naps and the frequent biscuit. So on one hand, I’m staying put for the benefit of the dogs.

Other than the critters and my to-do’s, I really have nothing to do all day.

A plumber’s work doesn’t begin until the dogs get pettings



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