August afternoons in the East County of San Diego are generally quite warm. While in a conversation with a new acquaintance from San Antonio (Texas) I might have let that thought slip, his remark that San Diego this weekend was “comfortable” informed me that I have become too accustomed to the air-conditioned life.

But I do not go out in the mid-day in summer without good reason. After church this morning, at home my wife started to pull out the vacuum cleaner, some cleaning rags and Clorox. My rather unenthusiastic “what would you like me to do” went unanswered. But then I was asked to take the dogs out for a time. I decided not to protest that it was too warm for any responsible dog-person to take out Dexter and Comet for a walk. As you might have surmised, a dutiful husband’s responsibility was to get out of the house so the lady can “pick up a bit”.

Driving off in a blazing-hot car, air conditioning blasting at full volume, with windows rolled down, Comet, Dexter and I set off for the nearest dog-park where I thought we might enjoy whatever cool the trees there might offer. The entire park was fenced off for some construction. Continuing around for another ten minutes, the air conditioning was finally overcoming the hot car. Puffing and panting – the man, as well as dogs – was becoming more controlled. We then went on to Mission Trails park. Parking in the shade offered by a small tree I decided to let the car cool down for several minutes before getting out. Our only company was an unattended vehicle in front of us and a brave runner who was jogging out in the late afternoon sun. Then we received the good news: my phone call to the Missus approved that we could return home.The very first thing these dogs did coming through the front door into the newly swept hallway: very vigorous shaking.

A clean house needs a layer of dog hair. Everybody knows that.


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