Zone defense

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I wish I was more of an expert in football. As more of an outdoorsman than a gridiron competitor, I can understand how to have both an offense and a defense against a rival, say a bear, seeking to get access to my food stores. With dogs however, I need to instruct one in Zone Defense.

For defensive backs, zone coverage is about sensing what the offense is attempting to accomplish against the defense.

While it is the off-season for National Football League, the antics of my dogs, Dexter and Comet, resembles a pre-season game. The football in question is each rival’s food bowl, and the referee for tonight’s antics was yours truly. A defensive game, Dexter was encroached on by Comet, who having wolfed down his dinner bowl at one end of the kitchen, stood practically on top of Dexter – a slower eater – moments later.

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Tonight, like several nights that I am playing referee, I sat in a chair next to Dexter’s food bowl while he ate and helped with Zone Defense. I have yet to throw a penalty flag at Comet for unsportsmanlike conduct, but I am working with Dexter to improve his Offense.


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