Noxious emissions

I know that certain politicians are aghast at the effect of cow farts on global climate change. I’ve worked on a ranch before so I know that cows are a bit pungent. But you rarely, if ever, let them sleep on the floor next to your writing desk.

Some nights, like tonight, sitting down to write a post, my brain loses focus and claws to make sense of a … stench. Dexter. On a dog pillow directly behind my chair, the offender sleeps away. Have you ever wanted to argue with a dog? “YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! ”

I took both Comet and Dexter on a long walk this evening. I feed them both a healthy diet of protein and balanced natural ingredients. This hasn’t been a problem for a long time. However, for a couple nights this week, my sons have been camping out on the couches at the house. Taking Dexter and Comet out n about. Perhaps humans have not been the only ones savoring Chipotle’s leftovers?

If you have the focus and the ability to work in noxious environments, you might live near a paper mill, on Venus, or have dog farts as the thing you fear less than global warming. If you can write under such conditions, you should find blogging about dogs a natural outlet for you.



    1. LOL!! Oh my, I’m dyin’ here. YOU are indeed a natural dog blogger (my paper mill experience comes from living in the Pensacola area in the 70s and 80s (Navy); and from a family member (Hammermill, Erie, PA) also a 30y veteran!

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