renewable energy

Like it or not, my dogs are “Green” activists. But then they are also concerned about their “carbon footprint”. And they appreciate recycling. But before anyone nominates them for Sierra Club, or AOC’s “New Deal”, I think I need to explain.

If it is plant-based, vegetable, shrub, or flora, Dexter, Comet and from what I observe, other dogs, will want to pee on it. While Comet seems to enjoy walking as a casual activity, Dexter seems determined cover as much ground as possible during a walk. He wants to see and be seen, find fresh gopher burrows, and make his mark triumphantly. He uses his muscled frame to pull both of us, Comet and me, to the next interesting spot “in Nature”. Comet for his part, leaves a large carbon footprint. And for my neighbors and my own reciprocal peace of mind, I help him reduce that, stopping by the trash bin with some recycling.

I believe in a green agenda (the poop bags are colored green); support reducing gas emissions – that’s why I regularly walk the dogs; and as for energy use, my critters rest a lot during the day. And in the evening have lots of energy to burn.

These dogs make me a true believer in “renewable energy”.

Sedona rose

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