better starts

Nothing starts an early Saturday morning like a cup of brewed coffee. Except….

Last night’s dinner trash – some takeout – was strewn across the kitchen and into the living room. Comet. That’s all I need to say. But he did lick the containers clean – and was dutifully sorrowful. Not a horrible mess.

I still had about thirty minutes to get some coffee brewing. Or not. The kitchen sink was backed up. That darn sixty-year old plumbing! The bane of home ownership.

I needed to go right away to my prayer group.

An hour later, with better thoughts, the dogs walked, and armed with just-purchased drain cleaner chemicals, I was foreseeing victory. The coffee pot was another story. Mold. I guess it has been nearly a week since the last of the ground coffee was percolated. My former Navy self might have just rinsed it out and brewed anyway. However, I dumped the pot contents into the same sink that I was still waiting to drain.

I think some 7-Eleven convenience store coffee will have to do.

Attitudes. Tragedies and trifles. All one can do is pray for the day. Every day. I just called a workmate that I haven’t heard from in a week – he was just now improving from a horrible bout of flu. My son is having another week under his belt of positive thoughts and work successes. The garden is thriving and I am enjoying the rose education I’m getting from my neighbor. Gramma and I spent some time yesterday evening hanging out with the kids at their house. The end of a good week.

I think a better day is not about drains and tidying up but how I start out being refreshed by spiritual thoughts.

This morning my wife is out with some church friends recording a podcast. But I have chores to get to. I still need coffee. The dogs are waiting for me to give them breakfast.

My son is intently offering to pay for breakfast. We’re going. It is a better start.



  1. No coffee? The humanity of it all! Seriously though, I always have to laugh at myself when those types of things happen and I start to grouse. I have to tell myself that these are ‘first world problems’ and everything will be fine. But no coffee is just wrong!!! I’m glad to hear that you have a lot of happy things going on, too.

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