dog wise

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does. Christopher Morley

Working like a dog this week, but I imagine it depends on the dog, as to how hard the week has been. If I am thinking of Dexter or Comet, there has been a whole lot of sleeping going on. But I digress. Last night, a lot of dog metaphors came to me while I took the critters out for their constitutional. For a time, it was not raining neither cats, nor dogs.

dog-gone expressions

  • Dog-tired: def. extremely tired; worn out. Perhaps it is the busy-ness of work, long hours, a cold going around, or just continual “stuff needing to be done”
  • Dog-eared: def. (of an object made from paper) having the corners worn or battered with use. My Bible is worn and the cover beat-up; I wish I could say I had even a third of the wisdom in those pages reflected in my exterior
  • Dogleg: def. a thing that bends sharply, in particular a sharp bend in a road or route. with dog toys, cushions, leashes, and bowls – as well as human articles throughout the house, there are no straightaways when moving from one end to the other
  • Dogfight: def. a ferocious struggle for supremacy between interested parties. My daily 3 to 4 hour commutes are only tussles until I get irritated at people forcing themselves into my spot in the lane; normally I appreciate the give n’ take of the considerate
  • Every dog has his day. phrase: everyone will have good luck or success at some point in their lives. Could also be said of evening. Nothing quite relaxes the struggles of the day like a walk with the fellas, Dexter and Comet



  1. Two of my very favorite things…idioms and dogs. Idioms about dogs are even better! Walter sends big sloppy kisses to Comet and Dexter. Haha, today Walter kissed one of the kittens so sloppily that the poor thing had to shake it off. It’s not often you see a cat shake water off like a dog does!

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