In thirteen years, every aspect of the universe can change – ask a thirteen-year-old. P.J. O’Rourke

I never gave it much thought but the number thirteen figures prominently in my life. I was thirteen when my mother separated from my father and drove us from California to Cape Cod in Massachusetts ( as I review a map tonight, we traveled through 13 states). By age 26, I had lived in or visited in several states and foreign countries (some due to a first enlistment in the Navy). I joined the Navy a second time. In the Navy, my work routine (maintenance) was calculated on thirteen-week schedules. By age 39, I had set foot in 13 foreign countries in my lifetime.

In San Diego, age 39 , I met the love of my life. Over the next thirteen years, I retired from the Navy (2010) after twenty-six years. In January of this year, I completed 13 years with my employer.

I could perhaps be mistaken but thirteen has been prominent if not lucky for me.


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