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Memories of stale urine and Pine Sol offend my nose even now. Ten years later, I still avoid places where smells or noises trigger disorienting memories. Though I was a historian in the former republic, what I once taught no longer matters. Prohibited ideas put me in hospital. After ten years in the care of the national health system, I was cured of “offensive thinking” and released.

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To ensure that I am not troubled by “Old Ways”, a microchip embedded in my cortex monitors my “health”. Freedom isn’t “free”.



    1. Thank you for the encouragement! Except for a brief encounter with Mexican legal system in my youth, a year’s experience in the Navy’s correctional custody system as an escort (while waiting on orders), and years in the military i learned what life is when movement is controlled, behavior is “modified” – and your schedule is prescribed by Authority. The memories – sound and smells are accurate however.


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