a bouquet for our anniversary

I am not someone who believes in numerology where certain numbers have divine import. Not that I hold anyone else’s belief in special numbers as invalid, however. On the contrary, as a married man, I absolutely believe in the importance of certain numbers; my wife’s birthday is important. Also Christmas. And of paramount importance – ask any husband who remains happily married, is their wedding anniversary.

As a man who once upon a time whisked my betrothed off to Kauai for honeymoon, and repeated that feat a decade later, I have a terribly understanding spouse who has enjoyed several years of bouquets of roses, quiet dinners, and short stay-cations. And I did not come by this ingenuity – as far as the roses are concerned – all on my own. The executive admin assistant in my department has kept me in my spouse’s good graces by giving me her “go-to” for events. So I can reasonably be assured, my beloved and I will celebrate our twentieth anniversary together with flowers and a special getaway. At least my wife tells me that we have to: my warranty is expired and she cannot return me.


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