a very Nerf Christmas

nothing encourages brothers better
than a little Nerf war
or wrestling while Comet referees

Christmas holiday classics, like “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “A Christmas Story”, or “Home Alone” rarely play at my house. Sometimes it is “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis, and sometimes it is some scary movie. Take this year as an example. Shopping mostly done online or in the week after Thanksgiving, on Christmas Eve, the worst line I chose not to face was in the supermarket. The kids would have to pass on mint jelly for the cooked lamb. My task before cooking was passing out Christmas treats to the neighbors. Barbecue and smoker – I chose lamb for the first time, and to use the smoker to prepare dinner on Christmas Eve. I joked that we could order a pizza.

Silly stories. Eating way too much. Usual joking that went into politics. Watching the baby enjoy opening presents (helped by several adult hands). A Nerf war between the kids. Gramma dozing on the couch and Grampa taking pictures. Comet taking everything in stride. Dexter exhausted on the floor. The perfect Christmas? I really have no clue, but this first Christmas with everyone home, if Gramma is happy, and everybody goes home happily exhausted – this is a wonderful life.



  1. A need war sounds amazing. However we tend to not do this in our house. Courage and Luchador remind us that they are not fans by shredding any stray nerf bullets we failed to find in the aftermath and I spend the next three weeks finding random piles of shredded nerf foam all over the house. Although, it is a site to see Courage walk into the one with one hanging out of his mouth like he is a smoking gangster. I need to get him one of those 1920s gangster hats for those occasions. It would be a great photo opportunity!

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