dog people

What did YOU do with that “extra” hour of rest you were given overnight?   The end to the archaic Daylight Savings Time early Sunday morning was not particularly a sleeping-in moment for me.   But getting up at 0530 which had yesterday been 0630 – was still an opportunity to get the dogs out for a long walk.

For the rest of the country north of Interstate 40,  the fourth of November is usually one of those mornings that you get out a jacket, maybe a hat or cap as the morning chill reminds you that summer is gone.    In San Diego, California,  not so much.   In fact, when it is 58 degrees at 5 AM,   by the time we finishing an hour-long dog-walk  ( 7:30) , it’s time to question why I didn’t wear shorts this morning!

It was quiet all along our neighborhood route this morning except for a group of parishioners arriving early for morning services.  None of the homeless people  The only other dog-walker I saw was a lady with a mixed breed terrier.  Dexter, as is his custom, was very outgoing and wanted to say hello in the most enthusiastic way.  The woman was amenable to him approaching.  But some dogs, like some people, are obviously not morning people.

In the space of five seconds, a quick snarling followed by two lunges at Dexter – and his (unusual) testy defense of himself lead to a third snarl and snap as Comet leaped to Dexter’s defense.    A second later, both dog walkers stood apart, and our dogs calmed.   Apologies followed.   It didn’t seem like a psychotic break on the part of her dog, and none of the dogs appeared to be injured, so I chalked it up to – her ill-tempered shelter dog -rescue was not a morning person.

At least it got Dexter’s constitution going.  dog walk



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