misplaced enthusiam

Mondays always start out better with exercise.  At least that is what I tell myself when I am desperately clawing my head out of my pillow at 5 AM. or was it 5:15 AM?  Okay, I’m really getting up.  I got up “an hour later” or so I smugly thought.  I slept “in”.

Nope. It was 5:25 AM.  I was going to work out at home this morning.  Couldn’t find my shorts.  Couldn’t find my gym shoes.  Thought I could do something in my socks.  Then I found my boat shoes.  Still, I could not find my shorts.

Is the coffee ready?  Maybe this workout energizer powder will get me going till the coffee is ready.  Yeech!   Needs more water.

Okay. I started the exercise video on the computer.  Where’s my water bottle?  Hold on.   Restart the video.

Okay.  I finished when I started to cramp in one arm.

I’ll take the dogs for a walk.  That’s exercise. Right?


Are you interested in getting a little exercise but not in all the hype about joining a gym?   

I have gotten some great results with nutrition and fitness training with a virtual coach and an online support system.  If you reside in the U.S.. Canada, Mexico, or the U.K., and you would like to know more or help support Dexter and Comet’s biscuit habit.  Please visit my business site.

I invite you to try out a free exercise session!  Click here.


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