Holiday routine

Replacing bald tires, keeping to a maintenance schedule, and a little scrubbing of the upholstery are the routines that keeps an old, unremarkable, clanking machine road-worthy.   My car seems to be chugging along better now with a recent repair,  but with nearly 200,000 miles (321.8 thousand km) on the odometer,  it is feeling the road and its age.  But I cannot seem to part with it.  I once had two other cars and a truck that were paid for, well-broken in, and when borrowed by my children over the years, were left fit only to be sold for scrap. This particular car was what I drove when my last car I purchased new, when finally paid off, was totaled in a rear-end crash. Sometimes you just cannot own nice things without catastrophe something to worry about.  After two years of commuting,  I bought a newer gently-used car for commuting instead.  With all the miles I have been driving,  I am looking forward to retiring.   Drive Uber or Lyft!?  I don’t want to drive any more than absolutely necessary. 20180831_1607555948642548907091716.jpg

Taking a well- earned day off, I got Comet and Dexter out in the little car to Mission Trails park for an early- morning stroll. Which is easier said than done with these two. One “drinks deep the aroma of morning” – he sniffs everything along this popular dog- walking route. Comet waters. I pick up their leavings ( in little green doggie-bags).

Until the middle of August, the little dog-car sat in front of my home, not neglected but I did receive a couple of cards under the windshield wiper about someone willing to buy it.   I have washed it and driven it around the block a few times.  Now with a few new parts that fixed the “Service Engine Soon” lamp, it was off to the park today.    I was not going to push my luck with going too far — I had already driven it a hundred fifty miles this week after getting a note from my mechanic, “your rear tire tread is separating.  Get tires soon.”

“when are you fixing the little car?”

One task today before I took the Ford to get new tires, was to scrub it out a little bit.  Clean the upholstery, use a little Armor-All,  and spray a little Febreeze deodorizer around.  I may use this car to take the guys to the park and such, but I don’t believe everyone enjoys the aroma of “dog” or dog hair on your clothes.

At least, I do not have to worry about anyone wanting to steal my car.  There are few thieves that discriminating.




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