Sunday morning

dog walk
not my actual appearance

Early on Sunday morning, Dexter, Comet and I are taking a stroll up to “our” hill, and chatting with three neighbors.  It is before 7 AM.

A lady whom we have met a few times at this hour greets the boys by name.  This makes Dexter’s day. (He’s an attention-hound, if any do not know this by now.)   Comet is focused on getting leaves, dust and debris worked into his freshly-groomed coat.  Pig-pen, I think he channels.

Another of my neighbors, Tony, is sweeping pine needles off the neighbor’s drive.  That home is for sale, so I thought I had missed a new neighbor moving in. But it is the same person I have talked with over sixteen years.   That is the great thing about getting to my present “maturity”.   Not having to apologize for meeting old friends “for the first time”.  Chit-chat about doing anything before it gets hot.

Walking up and back.   And this illustration?  Odd. Only Dexter is this cheery all the time. Me?  Way, way too happy for an early morning.   About as much as I can do on one cup of coffee.




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