the Preacher’s dog

Stories of mischief when guys get together often include at least one involving a dog.  Seems at least once, particularly when a dog has all the comforts of home, the pee- patch is greener on the opposite side of the fence.

Before Dexter and Comet came into our fold, Sydney had the “wanderlust”. IMG00009-20100211-2043Of course, Happy would oblige her invitation to go in a self- guided tour of the neighborhood. This occurred generally because I hadn’t replaced a weak latch on either of the 50-year old gates to my back yard.  On three occasions this resulted in someone in the household driving an hour to the county shelter to retrieve them. The yard was secured after that last adventure (Missus insisted).  Dexter and Comet have no shown no such ambition to venture without their people.  They truly appreciate the two meals daily and air conditioning.

At a party welcoming old friends back to the community, the host’s enthusiastic Labrador greeted everyone. He seems confident in his good home and had no interest in venturing away.  Teased by the guest being honored, the  little Lab slobber that ended up on my jeans, poses no problem to a dog-person.

When our minister talked about the lengths his family went to keep their wandering dog secure in the yard,  we chuckled.  Apparently, the dog tested the sturdiness of the wooden fence first by digging but wire mesh stopped that.  Next the dog used head- butting till it worked a board loose. The minister then added some reinforcement. The dog would find another spot. More reinforcement.  And again.  And then, they sold their home when they took a position with a congregation out of the country.

Picturing a dog head- butting that fence intentionally was truly entertaining for all of us listening.  But imagining the buyer of the property seeing that yard was priceless.   He, undoubtedly, was perplexed.

What sort of monster did a preacher own that required a San Quentin- style fortress?


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