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    1. Thanks, Biff! One of SD benefits is that is has open spaces. But if we don’t go early enough on weekends, there are way too many people trying to get “into nature”. And driving to get there is stressful enough. It’s why I often retreat to my “park” – my own yard- when I get home after work. (all 600 sf of it!)

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  1. Awww, happy dogs!! Please tell me you were joking when you said you had 600sq feet of yard. That’s about the size of a Manhattan studio apt. If your yard is small, don’t be telling Bill because it will give him ideas. He was bemoaning the fact today that it takes him 5-6 hours to mow the lawn. It sprinkled for about 2 1/2 minutes before he went out and I swear he jumped for joy when I wasn’t looking! Obviously, that amount of rain makes it impossible to mow. And anyway, it’s only been three weeks!

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    1. the secret is not having grass to mow. Living back East for so many years, I got all the grass I ever want to mow – out of my system. with CA doing its drought -thing, I went all low water bushes in front. Except for a little controlled water-loving plants. And the fruit trees. And someday, I’ll spray green paint on the dirt that I haven’t covered with rocks….


  2. What cuties and looks like a pretty area for a little outing.
    I haven’t forgotten your wonderful invitation, but overthinking things wanting to post something profound and still deciding on it. Silly me 😉

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    1. RB – i’m grateful for the groomers to take the boys when they were freshly dusty from our walk. And the bandanas, are their special touch. Nice! As for a post – you don’t need to be overthinking it, we admire everything you share…. thanks!

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      1. You are truly too kind my dear friend and I’m sorry for keeping you hanging. I promise to make up for it and it in no way means I’m not appreciative of your offer. Thank you so much.

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    1. this wonderful picture came about with the help of an unnamed young woman – a pizza employee -next door to the groomers. She showed me that a couple of slices of pepperoni would get their full attention…. and voila!

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