Walter Graduates and Greta Sees The Vet

I asked Linda, mainepaperpusher, to be my guest blogger for today.   She is a great encouragement to me in my blogging and the antics of her really Great Danes, Walter and Greta, puts my home life in perspective.   I trust you will find her blog,  Everyone Else Has the Best Titles, as awesome as more than 500 of our blogging community already has!

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

Yay!  Walter graduated Advanced Obedience yesterday!  Check it out! We weren’t there to pick up his diploma, but he graduated!  I would have been there but I sprained my wrist.  Which wrist you might ask?  My left…my leash-holding wrist.  Any guesses on how it was injured?  Yup, it was from hauling Walter around during the Advanced class of which he is now a graduate.  Sigh…

If you look at the photo above, you will see that all of the dogs are staying without anyone holding their leash…except one.  See that big Great Dane in the back on the left-hand side?   The one with the ears extended making him look like he’s about to take flight?  Yeah, that’s Walter.  See that leash that is NOT on the floor?  That’s because I was at the other end of it, just in case.  The most advanced student in the class…he is not.  Sigh…


The bright…

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