The little things

I wish my little fitness watch did not tell me this morning I only had three hours of deep sleep last night.   That information is not going to fill me with energy for the day ahead. My body confirms it.   My furry charges, however, do not care what kind of a night it was as they look forward to getting out before I head to work.   And I again understand what it means to “deny yourself” when it comes to those I am responsible for feeding and walking.  20180509_062446

Up and out for a walk I get to reflect on the little things.  Positive energy in the middle of nature.  Birds singing.  The thoughts my small bible study group and I considered last night over coffee – which I shouldn’t have had by the way.   In everything we do, we need to have a mindset of peace which is not easy during the commute, or morning meetings where things I thought were on order months ago are still being discussed.  I think I will have a good start today and carry me through.

I have my health (better),  the dogs who are sleeping for me today, a job and a wife who tells me “just one more year – and then we’ll see!”    What more do I need to slog to work?




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