3 Day Challenge

Day 1

I have been nominated by Biff Sock Pow, my blogging friend to participate in a 3-day, “Quote a Day”  challenge.  I am grateful to Biff for nominating me, as I have enjoyed bantering with him through blogging commentaries for more than a year now.  I am inspired and refreshed to see him poke fun at himself over things I do also.  And it was his use of a comic strip in his blog that spurred me to experiment.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Write one quote each day for three consecutive days (3 quotes total)
  3. Explain why the quote is meaningful for you.
  4. Nominate three bloggers each day to participate in the challenge.

Quote #1:  “You have two rights in this world. One to live, and another to die.  Mess up, and I’ll take one away from you!”

When I was just shy of twenty years old,  I was serving in the Navy.  While my next assignment was still pending, I was temporarily assigned to be an escort for men in correctional custody.  These were sailors,  mostly my age and younger who were pending disciplinary action or administrative separation for various non-violent offenses.  These words were his introduction to each new group of restricted men.   I have never forgotten those words, nor the wisdom and humor behind his “implied threat”in forty years.  In all that time, though  now I try to live according to faith, I understood that we are not entitled to much, except to treat one another with respect and caring, and to know that “human rights” come with responsibilities.

Here are my nominees:

You are not required to participate if you don’t want to, but it is actually quite fun.

I chose these people because their blogs are full of real life- joys, sorrows, victories amd memories.  These bloggers have inspired me through humor, imagery, or their frankness. Some I’ve been bantering with for a while and some are new acquaintances.   And though, it is not meant as a slight, I chose those whom have  not yet had thousands of subscribers. ( And others have already posted per this challenge!!)

Remembering Lives

The Cheeseller’s Wife

Arenas del Tiempo 



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