rocky ambitions

20180407_155055.jpgSome time ago, years in fact, I started to plan landscaping that would mature about the time I retired.   Perhaps you have heard that San Diego has a “Mediterranean” climate most of the year.   In my part of the county, winter arrives when the temperature dips to 58 F (14 C).  Of course, we do have some mornings that are freezing.  Some years, rain is slim to none,  and in other years, rain comes and goes through April.  While we had a couple days in late February that were 90 F (32 C), Spring turns to Summer in late April.

Years ago, it was popular to have lawns in suburban California, but with drought for several years we pretty much let them all die.   I replaced all my grass with mulch, dry-climate loving succulents and Australian-origin trees, shrubs and the like.  And because I have dogs,  I found out which landscaping can tolerate a little dog pee and which just outright die.  In the last year,  I started to install decorative iron fencing in the backyard a little at a time.  At the time I was wrestling whether to put down rock, gravel or mulch so I was not ready to complete the fencing project.   My wife tells me the yard is lovely, but after six months,  the chain link, chicken wire, and reclaimed wood that forms the remaining barriers,  need to be replaced.  I am just very grateful that, things are thriving away from the pee zone.

With all the other concerns of life,  the dusty climate in my part of the county, and the fact of dog-life,  I was leaving the back door open to let the dogs wander in and out during my work-day.   The amount of dust and debris tracked into the house was intolerable (by mutual decision) so I got a sliding door with a doggie-flap.   Dust continues to coat the patio and is tracked still into the house.   If I plan to retire before I cannot lift a rake or hedge-trimmer, I need to finish the landscaping.  What is the proper groundcover?

When grass was in the yard, dust did not seem to be as big an issue.  But I don’t want to deal with watering grass, cutting it, and dealing with dogs scratching it up.  Fake grass?  I hate fake grass.   I’d rather just put down decorative rock.  I could start picking up shopper-sized individual bags at the big-box store, or have a huge pile dumped in my driveway.   I’m thinking about the pile, and all the exercise I will get moving stones by wheelbarrow.  That gives me more ideas.

20171021_130504.jpgIt’s not landscaping,  It’s a home-based fitness center!   I wonder if I can earn a fitness discount with my employer health insurance?

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  1. thanks! I just realized that I should have an new image – that one with the wall no longer has that big cedar in my neighbor’s yard – it died this year and was removed. So I have my creative hat on .What to do, what to do in that corner?


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