humor heals

Our family is growing.

Life happens.  I went into the hospital two weeks ago last Sunday and for a week I have been recuperating at home. As a consequence, my wife canceled going a biennial humor workshop, dedicated to the late Erma Bombeck in Dayton, Ohio this past weekend.

We “married up”, my friends and I say, about our spouses.  And a good thing, too.  I was most fortunate that I married a nurse, as left to myself, I would only have mortar, JB Weld and some Band Aids for a first aid kit.  When Dexter had ear surgery, it was my wife who bandaged and passed out medicine.  Yet the best medicine has been each other.  For nearly twenty years we have laughed together; for the last third, Sheri’s humor has made others laugh as well.

But I am fortunate that I am not a struggling plant, neither rose nor cactus. Sheri kills with kindness or neglect any herb or potted plant that crosses our threshold.  Erma was on point with that one.



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