Hansel’s trail

Walking into the front lobby of the building the other morning,  the lime green color in the corner of the step caught my eye.  I bent down to retrieve a familiar-looking bag with a paw print motif.

“Ah, that must be a poop bag,” I said to no one in particular. “Must have fallen out from my jacket this weekend.”

81ILBLwHfhL._SL1200_It wouldn’t have been an odd thing to say out loud, except that the young woman going into the building gave me the oddest look as she reached for the door.  They certainly have some odd old people working here, she may have been thinking.

Saturday I had gone to work after my men’s prayer time and dog walk.  I was still wearing the same green jacket stuffed with a few of the dog waste bags that are required material on all our dog walks.

I told this same story to one of my buddies working in that same building, and he opined,  in the absence of explaining that the bag was for the dogs I walked – that the mental picture of a grown man trying to use a small baggie (for relief) was just too funny or too shocking for a young Millennial.   I guess the young woman really might have thought I was senile had another random thought come through

Hansel and Gretel ‘s breadcrumbs (trail) would have been  way different story had lime green poop bags marked their way…”

# Featured image from “http://shortstoriesshort.com/story/hansel-and-gretel”



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